Dreaming of an Ex - A Psychic Analysis

written on Mon 24 November 2014 by

Welcome to another edition of Psychic Dream Analysis.

The Scenario: Dreaming of an ex

From time to time I have sweet dreams of getting back together with a brilliant girl I went out with for two years. We split up around 18 months ago, but we kept in touch. I still harbored hopes of getting back together with her. A year ago, shortly after my father passed away, she told me she had a new boyfriend and never wanted to see me again. I never cheated on her while we were in a relationship. For the past year we haven't seen each other, we only live 15 minutes apart, but our paths have not crossed. Lately, I have been dreaming of being back with her and being very, very happy together. She was the only serious relationship I've had and it was very difficult letting go and moving on as I was heartbroken and I cried myself to sleep some nights. Deep down I think I will always love her as she was my best friend at the time and we did everything together. But I can't seem to find someone else, which makes it even harder. Can you please tell me what these dreams mean?

The Psychic's Reply

Aside from your query, the most significant point you made was that your ex girlfriend was your best friend and that you did everything together. It was vrey unfortunate that you had to suffer the double loss of the bereavement of your father and the seperation from your ex girlfriend. However when we dream of an ex, the dream is more about finding an understanding, and in this instance a balance, rather than the actual relationship and what you would like it to be.

In this dream you see a reconciliation which strangely signifies that you are going to fin the strength to move on and in the very near future embrace a new relationship that is coming your way. You will find emotional and physical balance in this coming relationship. You and your partner will be very happy together, however you will also retain a certain level of independence.

It is important that you do not make comparisons between your future and past relationships. You must let it develop naturally and healthily. Please start looking forward to this new opportunity for happiness which is destined for you.

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